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Let's Gooooooooooo!

Are you READY to get your Priorities in Order and Finally Put YOU on your To Do List?

This 3-Day MasterClass will provide you real, actionable tools you can start using immediately to begin the journey to Consistent, Purposeful Progress in your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health. In these workshops, you will learn the Purposeful Life Formula, which is fundamental to making the Changes You Want to See.


After watching these videos, you will have actionable strategies that will Transform Your Personal Goals to Purposeful Actions by providing: 

  • A Realistic Strategy to Begin Putting Your Priorities on Your Calendar with 30 minutes or less;

  • Guided Journaling Strategies to Help You Unwind and Combat Daily Stress in 20 minutes or less;

  • An Exclusive "Get Fit While You Sit" workout featuring Candra Davis's Ultimate 20-minute Workout from Busy Girls' Workout;

  • My Top Easy, Self-Care Strategies if You are Short on Time;

  • A Guided Actionable Vision Board Party that provides a visual Roadmap to Your Most Purposeful Year.