• There Once Was A Girl Who Lost Her Spark.

That Girl Was Me!

Are You Ready To Spark Your BlaZe!

Come and take a Journey with Me! I promise it will be worth it. Here you will find a safe place and resources that will help you Spark the Flame that will set  you on a journey to Blaze your Trail!

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"Najah is a wonderful listener who has a unique ability to make one feel as if they are the only person in the room. She gives her undivided attention to every detail of your conversation.  Through her professional experiences, she is able to provide guidance to someone who feels stuck using the tools necessary to get to the next level.  Coaching is instinctive to Najah. She is uniquely gifted with insight and wisdom."

Vickie T.

"Najah Ade Drakes is one of the most dynamic women I’ve ever met. She is wise, grounded, insightful, filled with the spirit and a wonderful listener. I have never sought her for council and not received a thoughtful intelligent response. She is always a wonderful resource for articles to reference and other helpful information. She has been a tremendous blessing to my life and I am so much better for knowing her."

Theresa H. S.

"Najah is a powerful woman of faith I can always depend on for honest, thoughtful, unbiased feedback and support. She writes with a sense of grace that empowers people of all backgrounds. Although very strong in personality she allows herself to be vulnerable. I believe Najah has a gift for empowering and inspiring women through faith. She has a gift of seeing in others what they can’t always see in themselves. She holds me accountable to myself!"

Celeste Q.

This is My Story!

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