Najah Drakes is a high powered, motivational speaker who challenges women to disrupt their current patterns that contribute to a less than inspiring, status quo life. Her greatest desire is to see women of all ages ignite the spark within and set ablaze a life full of purpose.  After leaving her successful career as a CFO of a multimillion dollar medical practice, she committed her life to empowering women to blaze their unique trail by impacting the world and the community around her in a way only she can.  Najah believes women are the most undervalued asset on the face of the earth -- overlooked yet overworked.

A self proclaimed, “data junkie,” Najah employs a unique approach by leveraging her 20+ years in the finance industry to help women dig deep in the data that comprises their life in order to synthesize that data in a way to catapult women from where she is to where she wants to be. From corporate executives to stay at home moms, Najah inspires women to make the changes required to live the life of purpose she desperately longs for.

To schedule Najah to empower your group or organization, please email her directly at najah@divinico.com