The Self-Care Dilemma Training

The pandemic has resulted in physical and emotional exhaustion among everyone, especially among community healthcare workers (CHWs), leading to increased burnout and poor sleep quality. According to research conducted by Dr. Vivek Murthy and featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, health worker burnout was a crisis long before Covid-19 arrived.  As such, we can likely infer it will continue even after the Covid surge normalizes. 

The research further supports that Community Health Workers are more productive, less likely to be absent, and better equipped to support their constituencies when they themselves are mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally well. While many healthcare workers recognize they need more work-life balance, with seemingly impossible competing demands, many have no idea how to make this goal a reality.  This workshop is designed to empower community health workers and their constituents to proactively implement step-by-step, practical strategies to achieve greater work-life balance and prevent burnout when they have limited time.


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